Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time goes...

Wow... 6 months... It is 6 months ago I wrote last. Time sure goes by fast!! Well I'm alive and happy, more than ever if that's possible! And I'm busy, as ever!

Apart from school attendance, trip to Canada for Christmas, work placement in a daycare center (Which I just completed), renovation of our dining room and kitchen, enhancement of the greenhouse, etc etc... I have been working on my greatest and most precious creation to date, and it has taken a LOT of my energy. We indeed found out at the end of October that we are expecting our first child! Words can not describe the happiness we feel. Our little one is due for July. What a special summer this will be. :)

But tired or not... bump or not... the brand new greenhouse, which we spent all Spring 2013 installing, can not remain empty all summer! What a shame that would be! So I managed to sow a few things and we (mostly my wonderful husband) added a couple of enhancements.

First, I now have a "sink" in the corner. It's basically just a grid over a cement bassin and a drain. Eventually, there will also be running water with a faucet and a hose right above the drain area.

And then we added a table and a shelf! It is now so much easier to work in there and organise my tools and whatnot. :)

Happy Easter weekend to everyone! I know that Canada and US are having a really long winter, so I'm sending you guys some nice warm rays of sunshine! Hopefully the Easter Bunny comes with Spring in his basket this year!

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