Monday, April 30, 2012

Give it Some Air!

I am well overdue for a new entry! Here in Denmark, days without wind are fairly rare and having been brought up in Canada far from the coast, I must say that wind is not exactly my favorite of Mother Nature's games! So when I woke up today to a calm and sunny morning, I knew I just HAD to spend some time in the yard. I started by making breakfast and took it with me outside and sat on our "new'ish" sun terrace. I say new'ish, because the terrace itself has probably been there since the house was built (early 80's), but when we moved in (2010), it was surrounded by plants, bushes, overgrown this and that... and really was just a spider corner. So before I move on with my outdoor day, let me share with you the changes we have made lately.

We had been using the corner as a dump when renovating parts of of the house and it really was not pretty. So this year, my husband and I decided to reclaim that space. It is situated in the corner of the yard that receives the most sun. It was just a total shame that we were unable to sit there and enjoy it!

Notice all the shrubs and small trees where I'm standing and to my front-right.
Summer 2010 
So my husband and I started clearing everything up. I was dreaming of all the plants I could have there. I even managed to keep some spots for flower beds. (I had to negotiate, as my husband would put grass all over! hehehe)

We now have a new place to sit and enjoy the sun. That's where I was sitting this morning for breakfast, and it was absolutely lovely! I can't wait for the weather to be sure enough so I can put some life in the pots and flowerbeds!

April 30, 2012
April 30, 2012

As you can see, the fence to the main terrace has also been modified (last year). Everything was just so "locked in" everywhere. We needed to give it some air! The yard seems so much bigger and more appealing now. I can't wait to see it with more flowers and plants!

Now on to sorting out the front yard! It is in serious need of attention...

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