Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Stars

I was recently visiting very good friends of mine who were holding a cosy and lovely Christmas gathering involving great company, yummy glugg (a warm red wine drink served around Christmas time), delicious Christmas pastries and some Christmas decoration making. 

After some difficulty getting started, I succesfully learned to weave pretty Christmas paper stars. They are popular around here. I've seen them ever since my first visit in Denmark in 2000, but had never made them myself.  

My first weaved Christmas stars

I made one while visiting my friends, and made quite a few more in the past couple of days. They are really quite easy (and fun!) to make once you got the technique down!

This morning, Tiana was very interested by the long strips of paper!
Of course, now that I am making them without difficulty, I had to push the challenge a little. Having an interest in miniatures, I wanted to see how small I could manage to make such a star.

Barely 1 cm (3/8") in width. 
The challenge of making the tiny star was fun, but I must say, the bigger ones are much easier to make, and also much easier to use. I chose to add mine to my Christmas tree decorations.

Merry Christmas!

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