Friday, January 04, 2013

New Year, New Ideas

Welcome, 2013! The vacation has been really relaxing and while I wish it could go on for a couple more weeks, the end of vacation only mark the beginning of something else. I jumped in the new year in the company of my husband and some very good friends and their little baby girl. It was nice to be among people I care about to welcome a year that I hope will be filled with positive energy and creativity.

Can you feel the celebrations?

Now, I have a rested head, renewed energy, and of course, a ton of hobby ideas!! One of the things I really want to develop is more experience/ understanding on how to crochet pieces of clothes. So during vacation, I crocheted my very first cardigan ever! I made it for my friends' baby. While it's not as big on her as I had anticipated (and so won't fit her as long as I wanted),  I am very satisfied with how it turned out. :)

First cardigan ever. I had fun making it! 

The other big hobby thing on my mind is to get going again with painting. I have not painted as much as I wanted to in 2012. But you guys won't believe what I received for Christmas from my wonderful husband... 
I received........ Every shade of green!

My Every Shade of Green

I can't wait to use my new colours. I already know which canvas I will start with!

I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy year 2013, and i want to say thank you for reading these little pieces of my life.  :)

What are YOUR resolutions for the new year? 

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