Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The stump is out!

The good weather has finally arrived. A lot of the snow has melted away and it smelled like Spring outside yesterday and today. At last, my husband and I were able to move a little bit forward on the greenhouse project. 

After over 12 hours of sitting in dirt and mud, digging, clearing and cutting roots, the stump from the tree we cut down in the beginning of March is finally out! The following picture doesn't do justice to how complicated and hard work it actually was. The many roots were big, and often closely crossing one another, making it very difficult to clear from soil and cut free. But the joy we felt when we finally cut the last root was worth all the energy used and resulting body aches!

We finally tipped it down! All the roots are cut free. 
Now we have a crater!
So that is one step closer to being able to put the greenhouse up! I thought I would have it by the end of March... now I hope it will be up before the end of April! Next step is to remove yet another tree :(. The evergreen by the fence needs to come down, as it will be too close to the back of the greenhouse. 

Greenhouse status: Snow almost melted. Tree and stump gone.  

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