Monday, April 29, 2013

Greenhouse Project: Foundation

Yesterday, for probably the first time since we started this project, everything went exactly as planned! The base of the greenhouse has been set in place, leveled and adjusted in height. We checked and double checked and triple checked everything before and while pouring cement in the holes / tubes and finally locking the base in place. 

Mixing cement
So the foundation is done. I can't believe we're finally there! We are getting closer and closer to having a usable greenhouse. :) :) :)

Greenhouse foundation
We had ordered some sand a good while ago, but we won't have enough. So another load has been ordered and should arrive within just a couple of days. As soon as it arrives, we'll be able to fill the pit to bring the floor up to the right level.
Other assignments in the near future include digging (yes... more digging!) a deeper hole behind the greenhouse for the gabion. (Note: "Gabion" is a word I have JUST learned by translating from the danish word "faskine". If I am using the term incorrectly, please somebody correct me! Thank you). 
Anyways... The gabion will be part of the water evacuation system for the greenhouse. It is essentially just a big box made of grid-tubes together, covered with a textile and burried in the ground. This create a reservoir for excess water to drip in, and slowly seeps through the textile and into the ground. This helps avoid the forming of puddles on the surface. There will be a water gathering system incorporated to the floor of the greenhouse. That system will be connected with pipes to the gabion and voila! No water problem! (hopefully!)

We also need to dig channels from the house to the greenhouse for the electricity wire and the water hose. 

This is all really cool and quite important details, but what I'm REALLY looking forward too now is to FINALLY mount the greenhouse "skeleton". This will hopefully also happen within a short time. :)

Here's hoping for good weather again next weekend!


  1. Love you picture and your green house is looking very nice! :)))


  2. Herb! What a surprise! Thank you. :) The greenhouse will look even better when it's done hehehe. ;)