Monday, May 06, 2013

Greenhouse Project: Getting there!

Another very busy weekend behind us (and in our every muscle!). We had beautiful weather to work outside, and work outside we did, Saturday and Sunday, from morning to evening. We also achieved a lot! 

So here's what we've done since my last entry: 

The electricy cable and the water hose are in place. They are not yet attached to the source, but that can be done later on.

Electricy and water

After much work, the deep hole for the gabion was dug. It was interesting to see the different layers of soil as I was getting deeper and deeper. I am still very impressed by the layer of beautiful clay down there. I am equally impressed by how hard the soil was in the last 20 cm or so. "Breaking the soil" would better describe the way we got through the last layer!

Hole for the gabion

Good fit! 

With the gabion pit taken care of, we were able to place the pipes. Shame I forgot to take a picture before we buried them. But anyway... We placed one pipe from the water corner (future sink on the ground kind of thing), and we placed one pipe from each of the 2 corners where the gutters come down. Each of the 3 pipes lead right over the gabion. 
We can decide, later on, to gather the rain water in stead for use in the greenhouse. But seeing as we don't have the equipment for this just now, the water needs to go somewhere. So to the gabion it is for the time being. 

Gabion wrapped in textile. 3 pipes leading to it. 

With all the underground stuff done, we started bringing in the sand/gravel mix. This will provide a stable layer under the finer sand that will serve as bed for the paving stones. 

Placing the gravel. 
After the physically demanding gravel step, we were finally there! We finally reached the "put-the-puzzle-together" step!!! 

It looks like a gigantic aquarium!

Studying the plan

Taking its shape... 
Sunday evening: It actually looks like a greenhouse!

YESSS!! It looks like a greenhouse! WAHOOO!!! We're almost there! To-do list for the next few days include finishing the puzzle (i.e.: door and windows) and placing the glass panels. 

If all goes well, I should have a useable greenhouse by next weekend! It won't be totally finished, as we will do the floor only a little later on, but I will be able to use it and work in it and grow things in it! 
What a lovely dream.... Oh wait! I'm awake!

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