Saturday, June 09, 2012

A lovely experience

What a lovely couple of weeks it has been. I had the opportunity to give a helping hand in an outdoor circus / acrobat show, where I helped welcome and direct the public. I've met lovely people and felt the "behind the scene" excitement that runs through the troop before the spot lights are switched on. It's not a whole lot I do there, but just BEING there has been fantastic. The show itself is just awesome and very imaginative and original. My only regret is that I arrived so very late in the project.

Acrobats names to come... 

This kind of stuff used to be a passion of mine. As a teenager, I was part, for a year or two, of the high school theater behind-the-scene team and loved the preparation, repetitions and organisation of it all. I loved the atmosphere, and how close we all got to one another. I loved how excited we were before the curtain was lifted... and how absolutely delighted and proud of ourselves we were when the curtain fell again. It felt like such a huge accomplishment.

In fact, there are only two reasons why I did not study to become stage manager or something of the sort. 1) I don`t feel that show-business agrees very well with my idea of family life and 2) I realized I really needed to work with children, and would have dearly missed interacting with them if I went on to do any other job!

With the present project, even though my only assignment is to move the public around for 2 or 3 of their 12-or-so representations, the theater flame in me got revived.  Now that I know of this team, I'm going to be keeping a close eye on their activities! Who knows... maybe I can get a little more involved in a future project.


For my danish readers; Treat yourselves to a beautiful and different experience. Get yourself a ticket for one of the remaining representations! It's an amazing way to spend an evening on "Slotsbryggen" in Nykøbing F.

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