Monday, May 28, 2012

Fairy Garden

I've just had a wonderfully sunny 5-day weekend, where I did a lot of things in the yard like taking care of keeping the vegetable garden watered, buying and planting flowers in ground and in pots and weeding a little bit. After a very satisfying few days, I decided to use today's time to focus on a little project I've had in mind for a long time.

I've always liked faerie folks and miniatures, and the two interests happen to go very well together. I had a lot of fun making, and am very excited to present this little fairy garden, complete with hut and fairy!

The hut is made of a clay flower pot and its under plate. I carved out the hole / door using my Dremel tool. It is decorated with small gems, mini pine cones and a couple of the snail shells I cleaned and varnished a few weeks ago (click here) The little fairy is made of polymer clay and is sitting on a small piece of drift wood I found in Denmark during one of my first visits back in early 2000's. I decorated with a few mini baskets filled with greens or mini gems. I used mini glass bottles as "ingredients" bottles, and used some sort of dried and varnished shell as water container. ( I wish I knew from what plant it came... it's a very woody shell, and I got it in the craft section of a store around Christmas time). 

It is my plan to ask my husband (who has knowledge in electronics)  to help me bring lighting to this little garden. My idea is to light up the inside of the hut as well as a couple of mini garden lamps using LED and a battery, which will draw its power from a mini solar panel. I hope he will have time to help me complete this fairy garden. 

I always enjoy doing that sort of projects. I find it relaxing and it makes me feel so happy and joyful... I guess there's still a little girl in me. ;)


  1. Nååårh hvor er det en fin Fairy Garden, den glæder jeg mig til at se live en dag :)

  2. Tak Pia. :) Det har været sjovt at arbejde på den. Det ville være hyggeligt, hvis du kikkede forbi på et tidspunkt. Så kan du også se resten af haven. Jeg har aldrig haft så mange blomster, selv om det er stadig lang vej, før der er så mange blomster i min have, som der er i din! ;)