Monday, March 04, 2013

Bitter Sweet

Well, I never had such a difficult decision to take in the garden, but after getting opinions from a lot of family members and friends, (Thank you!!)  the location for the greenhouse was decided, and a tree I really liked had to come down. But it is all for a good cause. The extra enjoyment we will get from placing the greenhouse exactly on that spot will all be worth it. To help me move on from seeing my tree come down, I took some cuttings, dipped them into rooting medium and put them in soil in the hope that I will be able to grow a new tree. :)

Bye bye tree

"Only" the stump to remove now. There's no going back

So the tree is gone, but on a very happy note, my greenhouse arrived today!!! I never had anything so big delivered to my door before. It was very impressive to see such a big truck turn onto our little blind street and park in front of our house. Then the whole side and roof of the trailer rolled open! With spot lights inside, it looked like a concert stage! Then a big hydrolic lift / arm / crane controlled by the delivery man picked up the huge heavy packs and carefully put them down on our lawn. It was an experience in itself to see it all happen!

Wooohooo!!! It's here!
The whole trailer opens up!


My greenhouse-to-be!!! 
Yayyy! Let the fun begin!

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