Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh Deer!

I came home pretty much at dusk today, and barely 10 minutes after I had walked through the door, my husband and I were telling each other about our day when he stopped mid-sentence and pointed outside. To our surprise and delight, a young deer was standing in our backyard, eating from the ground under the bird feeder! We tried to take pictures, but it's quite difficult at this time of the day. Those are the best ones I could get.

Right under the bird feeder

SO cute!

It stayed there a long time and eventually walked to the apple tree (small tree in the middle of the first picture). We sometimes throw apples or pieces of apple out there. I guess the deer must have enjoyed finding fruit in this cold snowy weather. 
After a little while, it walked back to where it was at first and layed down to rest! It was soooo cute! When we looked again about half an hour later, it was laying under the apple tree... and then some time later, it had gone. 

We've seen birds, squirrels, mice and similar, as well as a marten, hares and hedgehogs on our lot before, but it's the first time we see a deer! I'm going to throw more apples out there, that's for sure!

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