Friday, May 18, 2012

Gardening Update

Well, it took nearly 2 weeks of working on my new garden patch whenever time and weather allowed it, but I am finally nearly done with its preparation. I removed all the weeds that were growing there and successfully relocated a "weigela sunny fantasy" and a dark pink peony plant. My lovely husband removed grass to make the patch rectangular as opposed to a half-moon shape and we picked up two trailer-loads of rich soil. All that is left to do is even out the soil and sow/plant! :)

The garden patch. Cleared and almost ready to use.

Meanwhile, the few plants I sowed at the very end of march are doing quite well.... almost too well! The cucumber plants started growing their fruit. The plants were growing so fast, I had to transplant them (for the second time) into bigger containers, as the weather is not yet good enough for cucumber plants to safely be outside 24/7. I am quite happy to see small cucumbers, but I think I will sow them a little later next year.

How cute... tiny cucumbers!

The tomato, decorative squash, chili and gooseberry plants are also doing quite well... and since the end of march, I also sowed different kinds of herbs. Most of the plants have been in my mini greenhouse for a good while now. I open the flap during the day, and close it at night. But today, the weather was so nice, I took them all out for a few hours.

My  baby plants got some fresh air today

The squash are producing flowers, and today, I took the 2 best looking ones and transplanted them into a huge clay pot. I am hoping they will do fine with being outside (out of the mini greenhouse) day and night. I did cover with plastic for tonight, and will probably do so for a few nights, to help their transition.

I also transplanted the biggest of my chili plants into its permanent pot.

As for the garden itself, I am still debating what I can and can not sow at this time of the year in my part of the world. Because making a garden was kind of  a last minute decision, I did not sow many garden things in advance, so I have to rely on sowing directly in soil. I think I am too late for some stuff, but can still make it for some other things. Hopefully I will have all of this sorted out within the weekend and week ahead, otherwise, I will completely miss my chance of a garden for this year!

So much to learn.... but it is so much fun! :)

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