Friday, March 30, 2012


Happy Friday!

I'm so excited! Ok, I know this is not much but hey, I gotta start somewhere! I recently sowed tomato, cucumber, chili pepper, cape gooseberry and squash. I've tried growing tomatoes before, but the 4 other ones are new experiences to me. I'm so happy to see that tomato and cucumber plants sprouted nicely. I am still waiting on cape gooseberry and chili pepper.

The trays are currently on the windowsill of my hobby-room. Even though there is plenty of sun during the day, I find the seedlings still lean towards the window, as opposed to growing straight up. I read a trick to put white paper behind the tray (opposite to window side) so that the light would reflect on the paper and help the seedlings grow straight by having light from both sides. I tried it a few days but after seeing no difference on the inclination of the seedlings, I decided to take down the paper wall and turn the trays in stead. I will turn them every couple of days and see if that helps better.

Does anyone have experience with seedlings on the windowsill? How do I get them to grow straight up?

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