Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Plant Markers

Yesterday, I sowed 4 different kinds of seeds and set them on a windowsill. I searched for something to use as plant markers, but nothing I came up with was satisfying. I've used popsickle sticks in the past, but I always find that the wood drinks some of the water in the soil, and becomes ugly and mossy really fast. I wanted something more durable and maybe more fun to look at. 

So I took out my polymer clay and made these easy to make plant markers.

It's basically just a rolled piece of clay which I flattened on one end and rolled to a point on the other end. I then shaped the decorations and engraved names. I put everything together and baked the clay. 

Once baked, I washed white acrylic paint over the engraved names and wiped to leave only the words in white. When the acrylic was dry, I finished with 2 coats of varnish.

I had fun doing this project. Now, I just hope my plants will grow well, so I can actually use the markers, and, more importantly, savour freshly picked tomatoes, cucumbers, chili peppers and cape gooseberries!