Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update on House Plants

It has now been nearly 6 weeks since I brought home these New House Plants and I am happy to report that they are all doing well so far!

Umbrella plant seems quite happy where I placed it and is growing lovely new leaves.

Umbrella's new leaves

Not only did the Ficus tree not even seem to suffer a shock (as is common with ficus that are moved to new locations), it is actually doing very good as well. It has not lost any leave and has kept its nice green shades. It is a little hard to tell if it grew. It didn't change that much since I got it, but just the fact that it kept its leaves is a good thing. As I said, Ficus trees are quite sensitive about changes.

Ficus is doing well
Jade plant is thriving. It is growing new leaves and enjoying its location.  I do need to find a way to clean its leaves, as there are water stains on them. They have a small duvet on them so I'm a little afraid to "scrub" them. I obviously don't want to cause damage! Oh, and I have to mention that it survived a fall when Tiana decided to try to walk between the plant and the window and pushed the plant down. I was JUST in time to catch the plant in its fall. It felt head first in my hand and lost a few leaves, but recovered quickly. :) Whew!

Jade Plant is happy
Wandering Jew is still pretty and is also growing, although not as fast as Umbrella or Jade. Unfortunately, it had a scary meeting with Kashew and got a little chomped. :( I had to move it to a cat-proof filtered window-sill. It survived well and is happy in its new location. :)

Wandering Jew got a few cat bites, but is healing well and happy in its new cat-proof location
So far, I'm really happy. With my history of killing plants, this is already an improvement! I'll update again in a few weeks. :)

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