Monday, March 12, 2012

A touch of lavender

When we first moved into our house in 2010, the backyard was filled with the lovely and soothing scent of lavender. There was indeed, and still is a lot of lavender growing on our lot. At the time, I picked a good amount of the pretty lavender flowers and hung them to dry. I then placed them in a box for later use.

It is nearly 2 years later now and I finally used a little of my time to make some First-summer-in-our-house-reminders in the form of scented crocheted balls. It is amazing how many memories can be associated to one single fragrance. Dried lavender can keep their scent for many many years, keeping your memories alive at the same time. :)

If this simple but fun project interests you, here is how to proceed:

You will need:
a crochet to fit your yarn size,
a yarn needle,
a stitch marker,
a small amount of polyester toy stuffing (not on picture),
dry lavender flowers.

Crochet about 3/4 of a ball.
Don't know how? go see the Ball tutorial at Greedy For Colors
Here, I chose to use 3 different colours.

When you are almost done forming the ball, put a little bit of stuffing inside it to give it a "bottom".
Place 2-3 dry lavender flowers into the ball.
Stuff with stuffing until you obtain a nice round ball.

Finish the last row or two and fasten. 
You now have a cute little ball with a piece of your garden in it! :)

These can be used in drawers, wardrobes or linen cabinets to give clothes and linens a fresh fragrance. They can be hung in a room as decoration. With the lavender's soothing and calming effect, maybe it would be worth trying to slide one or two of those little balls at the bottom of a pillow case, if falling asleep is a problem. I am also thinking that the colors, scent and size can be adjusted depending on the season and occasion.

Any other ideas?


  1. WHAT TALENT YOU ARE!!!! You life is very colourful.Can you teach me? iam eager to learn it!

  2. hi Manquiong,
    Thanks for your nice words. Sure, I can teach you if you wish. :)