Saturday, March 03, 2012


I enjoy painting skies and backgrounds. Hmm. That's fair enough, right? But now I have projects starting to pile up because I paint the backgrounds but don't always get around to finishing the whole painting. This can be because I have a background idea but not really a foreground one. Or it can be because the foreground idea is more complicated and I don't really know how to do it. It can also be that I try mediums or a new paintbrush out and end up with a lonely background.

These canvases are just leaning against the wall of my hobby room, waiting to be given some much awaited attention. Perhaps I should give myself the goal to finish the 3 following ones before I start anything new. :)

This painting is supposed to go on the wall over the sofa-bed in our guestroom / my hobby room.

I was testing the use of flow improver and slow drying blending medium. I could definitely do something with this, but my conclusion still is that nothing flows, blends and mixes as well on canvas as oils. (while keeping their vibrant colours, that is)

This has been in my pile for well over a year. I really had never tried watercolours at all and just decided to see how it works. I can't say I pushed the experiment very far at the time. I ended up with a very deserted desert. Maybe it needs a cactus and a camel. teehee :)

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