Saturday, February 18, 2012

New House Plants

I really like to have plants in the house. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly the best at keeping them alive. :( I try a lot, tho, and hopefully I am learning something with each plant that suffers my poor plant caring skills.

In any case, I am not giving up! I have a few plants that are doing quite well, so this gives me hope and drive to keep trying to learn how to have healthy happy plants in my house.

Today, I had a lovely visit to the garden center. The weather might have been quite yucky with the rain, but it felt like Spring in my heart! I bought myself 4 new plants. I find they bring life into a home and make the place feel happy and healthy... when they live, that is. *sigh*

A small ficus tree,
A small umbrella plant,
A very pretty wandering jew, 
And what I believe to be a jade plant. (I may be mistaken)

Now I must find the perfect spot in the house for each of them, and hope that my thumbs got a little bit greener with time.

Any information, tip / advice on each of these plants are extremely welcome!

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