Sunday, February 26, 2012

Early Spring Days

In Canada, winters are long and cold, and there is a risk (or a chance, depending how you see it) of snow usually until somewhere in April. That's how I grew up, and those who know me also know that I am NOT a fan of winter! So you can imagine my delight since I moved to Denmark and can enjoy the first Spring flowers in February! (and rub it in for my family in Canada. teehee)

The weather today was gorgeous! The sun was shining and it felt like at least 10° C in the sun. My husband and I started the early Spring clean up out in the yard. I absolutely love this time of year, where the birds sound more cheerful than usual and everything grows again. We raked some fallen birch branches off the lawn and cleaned up the patio. It already looks a little bit more like summer when looking outside!

I took a walk around the lot in search of flowers. I can't say we have a lot just yet, but they're coming!

Last year, while rearranging some things in front of my house, I had to dig up some daffodil bulbs. My idea was to relocate them, so I threw them in a plastic flower pot for later. They were only scattered on top of the soil as I didn't mean for them to stay there very long.

However, I forgot them there and the pot remained on the side of the house (an open storage area) all winter. :(

Today, I was very surprised to see that daffodils are growing in that pot! Wow! Talk about having the will to live! I had no idea daffodils required so little care. ;) I moved the pot to the patio and will definitely relocate the bulbs this time! I just need to figure out when is the best time to do it. 

What a lovely day it was. I'll definitely sleep good tonight! But I'm already looking forward to next time! 

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