Friday, February 17, 2012

Tree of Life

I always liked trees very much, and they often appear in my creations. I find them beautiful, peaceful and inspiring. Sometimes, I enjoy drawing or painting trees by themselves. Other times, I like giving a different meaning to the tree and its branches, by mixing other components in the picture.

This is a digital drawing/painting i made with a painting software called MyPaint, using a wacom bamboo drawing tablet. Here, the tree and its branches are holding and protecting Life. The composition is most probably (and quite obviously) influenced by my deep desire to have children. 
To me, in this image, the tree represents safety, the foetus represents life and hope and the butterfly represents growth, maturity and freedom. 

What does this creation invoke in you?


  1. I like the tree and the butterfly, the rest is just scary.

    1. Geoff - Thanks for your comment. This is the very first comment I receive on my blog. :) I'm glad you like the tree and the butterfly, and I'm not surprised you find the rest scary. ;) hehehe

  2. I see new life and a new begining-thats just me being me!! Arty Farty :) x

  3. Little Em - I like your artist mind and eye. ;) xo