Thursday, February 16, 2012

My little Tiana

As mentioned in my post titled "Kashew's early years", I visited Kashew often during her stay at the vet clinic in 2005. During one of those visits, I was presented to a little grey / cream girl-kitten who was in search of a forever home. The vet team knew that I was looking for a second cat to complete my fur-family. I was taken to the adoption room and there, in a cage, was a little 2 month old gray/cream cat looking up at me with what would seem to humans as a "will you be my mommy?" look. I crouched down to take a better look, and as soon as I started talking to her, the kitten meowed and put a paw up against the cage door. My heart melted. I asked to see her out of the cage. 
I picked her up, caressed her, cuddled her.... And of course, there was no way I could put her back in a cage after that!

This is a picture of Tiana the day we adopted her

It was really hard to take her home while my little orange furball (Kashew) was still confined to the clinic. :( But there was nothing I could do about that just yet. 

So although Kashew was adopted first, Tiana made it home before her. She was a healthy, playful, affectionate and mischievous kitten, who was loved and spoiled from day one. :) 

Today, Tiana is a calm, easy-going, affectionate lady cat of nearly 7 yo. She has a lot to say and expresses herself in a wide range of meows, mrows, mews, bruus and meooowbruuus. It's quite easy to converse with her. :) She enjoys being around or on us and she has a passion for long strings and massages in the sun. She loves to "help" mommy change the bed linen or fold freshly clean clothes. Tiana also enjoys eating - especially if there's tuna on the menu! 

This is our sweet Tiana today with her sister Kashew

More stories about Tiana and Kashew in the near future... :)

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